Friday, December 31, 2010

Highlights of 2010

The year 2010 was a great year.  First of all Jerry's health improved and the health and well-being of my family was good.  That is reason to rejoice! 

Family time was wonderful as we witnessed many of our grandchildren's fun sports activities, shared birthdays and other good times together, worked together as a family helping each other as needed and actively participated in church together!  Alex was baptized and that was definitely a highlight of 2010!


Personally, I was blessed to be able to be healthy and strong enough to do all the things that I enjoy doing during the year.  My brain functioned well enough that I was able to do my job at church and enjoy it as well.  I thoroughly enjoy all my co-workers and am blessed by each of them!  I continued to be able to teach four exercise classes a week and have been super-blessed by those in my classes!  Amazing ladies who inspire me!  I decided to join the facebook craze and have enjoyed keeping up with friends and family through that .  I also set out to try my hand at blogging (duh) and have enjoyed pecking out my thoughts on the computer.  I also got to spend quality time with my sisters throughout the year!

In June all of my family went to St. Louis to see the Reds and Cardinals play.  As we are all huge baseball fans this trip was a success.  We enjoyed visiting the arch too!

Late summer brought on our annual "Gran & Papa Trips" with the munchkins.  We started this ritual when Alex and Gracie were about three and it is definitely a highlight of our year!  We took Aaron and Seth to Cincinnati to the zoo and had a blast.  A week or so later we took Alex and Gracie to Cumberland Falls and that turned out to be much better than we ever thought.  I think the kids enjoyed the "simpler" pleasures!

In October Jerry and I spent our annual week on Hilton Head Island.  This is our favorite vacation spot.  As usual it was thoroughly enjoyable.  It brought great moments of biking, spending time on the beach, visiting our favorite spots and also the thrill of parasailing!

There have been so many wonderful memories made in 2010.  We have celebrated birthdays and holidays.  We have spent quality time together visiting the parks in town and Shakertown.  And then we have just enjoyed being together right here at Gran and Papa's house. 
Aaron Tubing in Lee Oak Circle

Alex Creates "Frosty Jr."

Seth's "After Graduation" Meal

Gracie's Birthday Meal at DQ

The last two pictures I want to add are the two family Christmas 2010 pictures we took at out house on Christmas evening.  I want to emphasize that these pictures include my sons and their wives.  After going back through all of my pictures I shamefully realized that I have very few of our adult children.  Here are the four people that have given us our precious "munchkins" and I rarely took their pictures this past year.  I am going to try to do better in 2011.  So look out Chris, Cathy, Nick and Kelly.....candid camera woman will be near!

2010 has been a blast and I have certainly enjoyed sharing
Faith, Family, Fitness and Fun
with my Friends and Family!

Thank you Jesus for 2010!